We leverage our ample experience in management consulting service to help our clients deliver results in 5 key functional areas:


Business Strategy

Strategic planning is the foundation to ensure that the desired results are attained. In essence, a strategic plan defines where to compete, how to compete and what level of infrastructure and functional capabilities are needed to compete.

Advantis’s services in regard to strategic planning:


  • Identification and strengthening of critical capacities
  • Definition of markets, products and services
  • Identification and capture of growth and profitability opportunities
  • Alliances, mergers and acquisitions


Organization and Processes

An efficient organization and an appropriate process design enables the organization to adequately respond in a timely manner to the challenges the firms face, turning them into key competitive advantages.


  • Business and organizational model configuration
  • Business Processes Improvement
  • Pre- and Post Merger Integration
  • Definition of governance, performance tracking and control models
  • Improvement of support systems efficiency
  • Operating model definition and optimization


Sales and Distribution Strategy

The Sales and Distribution strategy is a key element to enable growth and capture profitability opportunities:


  • Go to Market Strategy
  • Sales efficiency and effectiveness
  • Cost to Serve measurement
  • Value proposition definition
  • Commercial organizational model definition


Supply Chain

Supply chains play a key role in fulfilling the companies’ objectives, adding value, from innovation to customer service.


  • Supply Chain strategy definition
  • Logistic cost optimization and footprint definition
  • Sourcing strategy


Information Technology

We help our clients to optimize their IT investments, so that these investments effectively support the business strategy, create competitive advantages, and optimize business performance. We combine our knowledge of strategy, organization, and operations with that of IT in order to ensure the return of the IT investments.


  • IT Strategic Planning
  • Blueprinting of IT architectures
  • Design and development of integration architectures (SOA)
  • IT Solution evaluation and selection
  • Consolidación de información maestra (Master Data)
  • Software de integración SOA
  • Definition and implementation of project management offices