Advantis was founded in 2003 as an initiative of experienced management consultants, previously linked to Booz & Co., who shared an interest in offering world class management and IT consulting services that are flexible and aligned with each client’s specific needs and the region´s economic reality.


Throughout the years, the positive impact we have generated for our clients has nurtured trust and credibility. It has also been the foundation for our growth in Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Venezuela.


In 2010 we broadened the scope of our value proposition as we participated in the creation of Aluzian, an associated firm that specializes in brand strategy and identity consulting.


In 2014 we consolidated our “Smart Transformation” approach, which encompasses a suite of agile consulting solutions that effectively integrate business, technology and implementation perspectives.

Today we channel our efforts to continue offering an efficient and high quality service that fulfills our client’s expectations, and generates tangible and sustainable results over time.

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